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5280 Pool Cues

As a new line of cues in 2002, 5280 pool cues (named for the mile height of Denver, where the company is based.) stormed on the scene.  This can be largely attributed to the fact that the world's #1 player, Cory Deuel, plays with 5280 cues.   Now, in 2004, 16 fantastic new designs have been added to the line.  From daring modern flair to updates on the classic point look, everyone can find a 5280 cue that suits their personal taste.  In addition, 5280 has some great new features for 2004.  Read below as they describe in their own words the new tip and new bumper that are featured on all 5280 cues.

New Bumper
"We wanted to help players with the age-old problem of splitting butt caps, but we didn't want to disturb the performance in the process.  So we re-designed the bumper to take more abuse, from
more angles, without added weight...we also made it look cool."
New Tip
"Each 5280 cue now comes with a top of the line tip.  Seven layers of pigskin crafted by the experts at Tiger, these laminated tips play exactly like the popular Everest tip. ..incredible!  It also comes with a
unique feature exclusive to 5280- the Red Line.  Situated on the 3rd layer, the Red Line provides you an efficient alert system for tip replacement.

5280 cues are made in China.


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