JP01-M_Green Predator Pool Cue Cases
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Pechauer Pool Cues JP01-L_Natural

Pechauer Pool Cues JP01-L_Natural
Product Specs
Series   JP-L series
Shaft material   Hard rock maple.
Tip   13mm standard with options
Collar   stanless steel, Pechauer speed joint
Configure Your Pool Cue
Cue Weight:
Shaft Substitution (shipping delay):
Tip Substitution (shipping delay):
Extra shaft (shipping delay):
Tip Substitution (shipping delay):
Pechauer logo joint protectors:
Wrap Substitution:
Cue customization charge:


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Natural stained Bird's-eye Maple cue with Irish Linen wrap.

Advice on choosing configuration options:

Cue Weight:  You may choose from a range of Cue Weights. If unsure, we recommend the standard 19 oz.

Shaft Substitution (shipping delay):  Shaft substitution options for Pechauer cues (may cause shipping delay)

Tip Substitution (shipping delay):  Substitute a different tip (may take 1 week)

Extra shaft (shipping delay):  Extra shaft for your Pechauer cue (may cause shipping delay)

Tip Substitution (shipping delay):  Substitute a different tip (may take 1 week)

Pechauer logo joint protectors:  Add a set of Pechauer logo joint protectors

Wrap Substitution:  Upgrade to a leather wrap (3 week delay)

Cue customization charge:  Charge for customization, to be determined by your sales rep 866-826-9602

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