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$179.10 to $400.50
Adam Pool Cues
$508.50 to $1,299.00
Balabushka Pool Cues
$89.24 to $476.10
$39.99 to $179.10
$35.00 to $69.00
KIDS Pool Cues
$93.49 to $1,127.09
Lucasi Pool Cues
$178.50 to $1,999.00
McDermott Pool Cues
$390.15 to $951.15
OB Pool Cues
$135.00 to $1,980.00
Pechauer Pool Cues
$62.89 to $203.99
Players Pool Cues
$92.65 to $296.65
Poison Pool Cues
$179.10 to $1,349.10
Predator Pool Cues
PureX by Players
$118.99 to $203.99
PureX by Players Pool Cues
$476.00 to $1,840.00
Schon Pool Cues
$178.50 to $254.15
Stinger Pool Cues
$184.50 to $1,458.00
Viking Pool Cues

Pool Cues

So you're ready to buy a pool cue, but you're not sure how to choose?  We've broken down the cue manufacturers we carry by price category below

"I would like to take the time to say thank you for having a website!  I now have a great Lucasi cue for the cheapest price on the net, believe me I looked.  This cue is the nicest I've had the pleasure of picking up.  I will definitely tell all my pool buddies about your website.  Thanks again. "

-David from New York

(these categories are not exact but offer a general price range).  If you know what price range you are looking for, this should help you get started in choosing the right cue for you.  We have also provided additional comments to help you make an informed decision.

Group A- $400 and up.
Schon cues, Pechauer cues, Predator cues and Balabushka cues
Schon and Pechauer are the cues that consistently draw the highest praise from our customers.  Pictures fail to capture the true beauty and craftsmanship of these cues.  These cues are made with tight tolerances, using the best of today's technology, with special custom touches.  Balabuska is continuing on the legacy of the legendary cue maker.  Today's 'Bushkas use classic styling and design for a "retro" look.

Group B- $200 and up
Pechauer JP series cues, Viking cues, and McDermott cues
This list contains some of the most recognized names in billiards, and with good reason.  These manufacturers provide great quality and value.  These cues are great for the above average player looking to take their game to the next level.

Group C- $100 to $300.
McDermott cues, Viking cues, Lucasi cues
These cues offer great prices without compromising quality. Viking and McDermott cues span 2 price categories due to their broad price range.  Lucasi cues are solid import offerings with traditional, as well as cutting edge designs.  Whichever you prefer, you can rest assured that these cues will perform to your expectations.

Group D- $40 to $200
Players cues
Don't let the prices fool you- these cues will get the job done.  Players cues come in a wide array of designs and technology levels.  And they come with a lifetime warranty which includes shaft warpage!

Much has been made of cue warranties in the past few years.  Below is some warranty information some for the brands we carry:

Pechauer:  Non-transferrable Lifetime warranty including warpage

McDermott:  Non-transferrable Lifetime warranty including warpage

Lucasi:  Non-transferrable Lifetime warranty including warpage

Schon:  Non-transferrable Lifetime warranty, warpage not included.

Players:  Non-transferrable Lifetime warranty including warpage



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